Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 16, 2017


If you are truly old school then you are probably scratching your head at Riverdale.  Where's the goofy, love-struck Archie we know?  Is that really Veronica, Betty, and Jughead?  I mean, they're not like they were when I was a kid.  Archie is 122 years old*, for Heaven's sake!  He can't change now!

Luckily, we can still go back to the good old days (which Bill truly misses) via the old-time radio show Archie Andrews.  The radio program began on May 31, 1943 on the NBC Blue Network, moved to Mutual in 1944, then to NBC Radio the following year, where it stayed until September 5, 1953.

This episode aired on October 29, 1948 and starred Bob Hastings as everybody's favorite redheaded teen.  Future pop singer Gloria Mann is Veronica, Rosemary Rice played Betty, Alice Yourman played Archie's mother, while Art Kohl played Archie's father.  Jughead at various times was played by Hal Stone, Cameron Andrews, and Arnold Stang; I'm not sure which one is featured on this episode.

So, let's trip a trip back to the Riverdale of old, when men were men and teenagers were goofy.


BONUS:  From Mad #12 (June 1954), here's a look at "Starchie" from the usual gang of idiots.

* Archie debut in 1941 and assuming he was sixteen then...well, you do the math.

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