Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 20, 2017


  • Lee Child, The Enemy and The Hard Way.  Jack Reacher thrillers.  I've been catching up on this series, reading about a book a week and still have a while to go.  The Enemy takes us back to 1990 and the case that changed everything for Reacher.  A two-star general is found dead in a motel and Reacher is ordered to control the situation.  Then the general's wife is murdered and Reacher is being set up as the fall guy.  Big mistake.  In The Hard Way, Reacher is trying to a kidnapped woman whose husband happens to be the head of an illegal mercenaries for hire organization.  Things get nasty on both sides but Reacher, stuck in the middle, doesn't know how to quit.A very addictive series.
  • Carl Hiaasen & Bill Montalbano, Trap Line.  Crime novel.  This is the second of three books Hiaasen wrote at the beginning of his career with Montalbano.  These early books are not as outrageous as Hiaasen's solo work, but they should be pretty good. ( A little bit of nostalgia:  I won one of Hiassen's novels back in the Nineties at a book signing in Massachusetts for wearing the "most Florida" outfit.  Now that I'm in Florida, I wish I had kept the outfit.)

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