Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Cheyenne Kid's real name is unknown.  Raised by the plains tribe, he left the Cheyenne to find his white heritage.  With typical hyperbole, The Cheyenne Kid was mooted to be "the strongest, the fastest, the bravest" of them all.  He made his first appearance in Charlton Comics' Wild West #7 (April 1957).  The comic book changed its title to The Cheyenne Kid on the next issue and ran under that title for 92 issues, ending with #99 (November 1973).

It's not known who wrote the early issues of The Cheyenne Kid; many of the later episodes were written by Joe Gill (often in collaboration).  Issue #15 features artwork by Rocke Mastroserio (who also drew the cover), Bill Molno, Sal Trapani. Al Williamson (whose artwork in this issue was panned), and Pete Morisi, along with an unknown artist.

In this issue has our erstwhile hero blazing his through four stories:  Yuh Can't Eat Gold, Ghost Town Rendezvous!, Sudden Reform, and Six Gun Caballero.  In another story, Renegade's Return, tribal chief Wise Wolf and young brave Two Eagles must fight a banished warrior and some gunslingers who have come to claim the oil buried beneath tribal lands.

The western action starts now!  Enjoy.

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