Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 30, 2017


  • Douglas Clegg, Afterlife.  Horror novel.  "In years past, there was a special school for children with psychic ability.  Called the Daylight Project, it was shut down after a horrific murder.  Today, grieving widow Julie Hutchinson gets the news that someone is out there...her husband's murderer...someone who very much wants to find her.  In a Manhattan brownstone, a psychic dreams of blood and lost souls...and an innocent young girl has become host for uninvited voices of the dead.  Their paths are about to intersect.  His name is Michael Diamond,  He harbors unspeakable secrets.  and he's prepared to do anything in this life -- or the afterlife -- to keep them buried forever."
  • Graham Masterton, The 5th Witch, Edgewise, and Night Warriors.  Horror novels.  In The 5th Witch, a "new and powerful crime alliance holds Los Angeles in a grip of terror.  Anyone who opposes it suffers a horrible fate...but not by human hands."  "Lily Blake's first mistake" in Edgewise "was getting involved with dangerous forces she didn't understand.  But she was desperate.  Her children had been taken.  The police were no help.  And George Iron Walker claimed he could summon the Wendigo, a Native American spirit that can hunt anyone...anywhere...forever."   In Night Warriors, a "woman's dead body gives life to unutterably foul offspring.  she has become the first mother of the Nightspawn.  she will not be the last,  The Nightspawn will cover the earth.  Unless three ordinary people can tap the powers within them.  Unless they can learn to be Night Warriors, pursuing unstoppable evil through the nightmares of the and the sweet sleep of the most innocent.  The battle for humankind must be fought in dreams..."
  • Norvell Page. City of Doom.  Omnibus of three pulp hero novels featuring The Spider, originally published as by "Grant Stockbridge" in The Spider magazine:  "The City Destroyer" from Januiary 1935, "The Faceless One" from November 1939, and "The Council of Evil" from October 1940.  'Thousands die as skyscrapers, bridges and Grand Central Station itself are brought crumbling down!  A disfigured maniac mastermind p[oses as the Police Commissioner!  Six arch-criminals band together to plunder banks and the Federal Reserve's gold deposits by bringing Gotham to its knees!"  Of course it falls to Richard Wentworth, scion of wealth, veteran of war, and the master of men known as The Spider to foil the ne'er-do-wells!  Great stuff!
  • John Wagner, A History of Violence.  Graphic novel with art by Vince Locke.  This was the basis of the 2005 David Cronenberg film starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, and William Hurt.  "It's just another quiet day in small-town USA, until a couple of wanted killers walk into tom McKenna's diner looking for trouble.  when Tom gives them more than they bargained for, he and his family are thrust int the kind of white-hot media spotlight that attracts a lots of questions -- and questions about Tom's past.  Is he really an easygoing small town guy, or is he something more?"

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