Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 16, 2017


  • "Pauline Ashwell" (Pauline Whitby), Unwillingly to Earth.  SF collection with four stories about the very capable young Lizzie Lee, including "The Lost Kafoozalum," a finalist for the 1961 Hugo for Best Short Fiction, and "Unwillingly to School," a finalist for the 1959 Hugo for Best Novelette.  The remaining two stories placed number 12 and 20 for the 1983 and 1989 Locus Awards, respectively.  All stories originally appeared in Astounding/Analog.  The author also used the pseudonym "Paul Ash" for some SF stories.
  •  Poppy Z. Brite, The Crow:  The Lazarus Heart.  Comic book and film franchise tie-in novel.  "five, four, three, two...Jared Poe counts the days on Louyisiana's Death Row.  The controversial S&M photographer has been comdemned to die for killing his lover.  He doesn't know who did it.  Only that he didn't.  Can he clear his name and find the real killer in time?  No.  for this is no ordinary thriller.  We are in the dark realm of The Crow, and Jared must feel the cold shudder of Death; must hear the beating of black wings; must prowl the shadowy goth netherworld of New Orleans, to prove he was no killer when he died.  And find out what kind of killer he has become."
  • Charles de Lint, Spiritwalk.  Urban fantasy collection with five stories.  A sequel to the author's 1984 novel Moonheart.  "Tamson House, in modern, urban Ottawa, is a rambling, eccentric curiosity of a house -- and a place of hidden Power.  built at a point where the leylines meet, upon a land that was once a sacred site, it is the gateway to a spirit-world where Celtic and Native American magicks mingle and leak into our own."  Nominated for the 1993 World Fantasy Award for Best Collection.

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  1. Of the three, Unwillingly to Earth sounds the best to me. I may look for a copy.