Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 7, 2017


This is an interesting comic book -- an educational comic that employed the art work and perspective of many of the science fiction titles of its time.  Check out Henri Becquerel's 1896 laboratory and his facial features on page 4 or the top-hatted (and somewhat satanic) cynic on page 31.  The artwork in this issue is amazing.

Science Comics was published by Humor Publications, one of several different companies run by A. A. Wynn, who would go on the found paperback publisher Ace Books in 1952.   Wynn's companies published nearly 50 comic book titles from 1940 to 1956, including Andy Comics, Crime Must Pay the Penalty, Revealing Romances, Space Action, War Heroes, Indian Braves, Challenge of the Unknown, Ten-Story Romance, Web of Mystery, and Mr. RiskScience Comics appears to be the only "educational" one of the bunch.

(BTW, the first letter of each chapter title in David McDaniel's Ace book The Monster Wheel Affair
spells out, "A A WYNN IS A TIGHTWAD.")

The January issue contains four main stories, covering the atomic bomb, penicillin, and carbon dioxide's use as a fire retardant:

  • "The Bomb That Won the War" (art by Rudy Palais)
  • "White Magic:  The Miracle of Penicillin"
  • "How 'Soda Pop' Gas Fights Fire" (art by Rudy Palais)
  • "Marconi:  Inventor of the Wireless"
In addition, there are features on aerodynamics and weather forecasting, as well as a p[age on "Science Oddities."


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