Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Here's a 132-page one-shot (of sorts) from Ziff-Davis -- mainly because #2 never materialized.  Actually it's a collection of four comic books rebound with a new cover:  He-Man #1 (Fall 1952), The Hawk #3 (November-December 1952), Football Thrills #2 (Fall 1952), and Crusader from Mars #2 (Fall 1952).  Something for almost everyone.

The Ziff-Davis comics line began and ended in the early Fifties, although one title, G.I. Joe, ran until 1957.  Most of the Z-D comics however, including the four combined here, lasted from one to three issues.  During this same period, the Z-D pulp science fiction magazines were going through major changes; Amazing Science Fiction was shifting away from the Ray Palmer action-adventure and Fantastic Adventures was being closed to create the more mature Fantastic.  (The Z-D pulps soon sank back into mediocrity only to rise some years later under the sure hand of Cele G. Lalli.)  The covers of the Z-D comics were rendered in the same style as their pulp magazine brethren.

Enjoy this "four-fer."

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