Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 2, 2016


From the mid-Forties Archie Comics concentrated on the teen-age humor that the company's title implied.  One exception was the short-lived, seven issue series Sam Hill Private Eye,which was published under the imprint of Close Up Comvics

Sam Hill came to the hard-boiled comic book world late in the game -- the first bi-monthly, undated issue appeared in February 1950.  Sam Hill is a former Ivy halfback with a white streak through his black hair.  He has a beautiful secretary named Roxy, a blue suit, and a red bow tie.  Fvor a tough private eye in the Fifties, what more do you need?

The art was by Harry Lucey, a talented artist perhaps only second to the great Bob Montana in the Archie Comics line-up.  It's not known who wrote the scripts.

tough action, a few wisecracks, and a lot of good girl art...all things that make me happy.


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