Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Jack Binder's Doc Strange, the man made mighty by alosun (a distillate of liquid sun-atoms), battles the fiendish Mephisto.

The American Crusader (Professor Archibald Masters, who gained superhuman strength after being exposed to the rays of a giant atom) battles the saboteurs.  (Will those Nazis ever learn?)

Lucky Lawrence, Leatherneck, breaks up a spy ring.  Hoo-rah!

Lt. Calvin McKay tells the story of a missionary's son in Northern Australia who stumbles a Japanese plot in this brief text story included to comply with mailing regulations.

The Ghost, a master of yogi magic, struggles with the villainous Dr. Fenton, inventor of the Time Machine.

Flying Ace The Lone Eagle soars into action after two out of three experimental prototype airplane prototypes are sabotaged.

Another brief text story, "Rustler's Hideout" by Sam Brant, features western hero Jimmy Blue.

Valiant reporter Hale of the Herald uses invisibility to fight crime.  This time he finds himself in a runaway roller coaster and facing a dangerous tiger.

Perhaps as a sop to the distaff side, the final story in the book features Peggy Allen, The Woman in Red.  This costumed and masked heroine shows a lot of leg as she goes after mobsters who have stolen a jeweled idol.  (The Woman in Red has no powers except for athleticism and moxie.  Does she not deserve superpowers, or does she just not need them to get the job done?  You decide.)

Sixty-eight pages of pro-American, anti-Axis thrills -- how can you go wrong?

(And, as a nod to Crider, I picked an issue that has a toothy crocodile on the cover.)

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