Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, July 25, 2016


  • Jay Bonansinga, Shattered.  A Ulysses Grove thriller.  Grove is an FBI profiler; this time he's up against the Minnesota Ripper, a killer who "likes to work in pairs -- of victims.  For every dead body laid to waste, a second one faces it, a grotesque mirror image of terror."
  • Jeffrey Deaver, More Twisted:  Collected Stories, Vol. II.  Sixteen stories by a writer worth reading.
  • J. T. Edson, Trigger Fast.  A Floating Outfit western.  "Karl Mallick was a genius at the real estate business.  Anybody who was reluctant to sell at his price was challenged by Mallick's Double K gun thugs.  Then Mallick hit a snag.  Three Texans were waiting at the Lasalle ranch:  Mark Counter, the Ysabel Kid, and Dusty fog..."  Ooooh, Mallick, you'se in trouble now!
  • "George Gilman"  (Terry Harknett),  Adam Steele No. 6:  The Killing Art.  A violent adult western in a popular (and violent) series.  Steele finds himself in a shooting match during an Independence Day celebration at Friday Wells.  Somehow, I think things will not turn sun shiny.  In fact, I predict things will get a little wild for Adam Steele.
  • "J. R. Roberts" (Robert J. Randisi), The Gunsmith #18:  High Noon at Lancaster.  An early entry in the  (very long-running) adult western series.  A young ranchhand is eager to take the job of sheriff in Lancaster, Texas, after the last sheriff fled from a gong that vowed to destroy the town.  Problem is, the ranchhand doesn't know the first thing about the lawman business. so Clint Adams, the Gunsmith, takes the young man under his wing.  The ranchhand happens to be named Pat Garrett.
  • Tomothy Zahn, Terminator Salvation:  From the Ashes.  Movie tie-in prequel.  Terminator Salvation was an absolutely terrible movie with no redeeming qualities whatever.  (Tell us what you really thought about the flick, Jerry.)  Here's hoping this prequel novel has some redeeming qualities.

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