Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 7, 2016


  • Ernesst Cline, Ready Player One.  The highly acclaimed SF novel about a future where virtual reality is preferred to the real thing.
  • "Tabor Evans" (house name), Longarm on the Devil's Trail.  The fifteenth in the long-running adult western series.  Longarm searches for hijacked silver in the Superstition Mountains and (of course) meets a "fortune-hunting charmer."  I'm not sure who the author is although most of the books published during this period were written by series creator Lou Cameron, William C.Knott, and Melvin Marshall.
  • Craig Shaw Gardner, The Batman Murders.  Original comic book/movie tie-in novel.  Leading citizens in Gotham City are turning up  dead, each dressed in a Batman costume -- certainly the work of the Joker, but what's his game?  This one came out in 1990, shortly after Gardner wrote the tie-in to the Batman movie.

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