Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 3, 2016


While Richard Boone was Paladin-ing his way through the Old West on television, John
Dehner was doing the some on CBS Radio, ofter using scripts adapted from the television show.

The Have Gun -- Will Travel aired 106 episodes from November 23, 1958 to November 27, 1960.  After the first 29 episodes, the radio show sequed to original scripts rather than relying on adapting television scripts; the recycledplots (it was felt) were the cause of the lower than expected popularity of the radio show.  The new focus seemed to have worked.  That is, until 1960.  The costs of producing the television show were rising greatly and the production company made a decision to axe the radio show without bothing to tell anyone.  A script was produced that had Paladin inheriting a fortune from a Boston relative and he then left San Francisco forever.  Only at the end of that show's recording were the surprised cast told not to come in the next week.  Paladin, however, remained in San Francisco until the television show ended in 1963 to the confusion of anyone who follwed the show on both radio and television

"Killer's Widow"  -- first aired as a television episode on March 22, 1958 -- hit the radio waves on February 8, 1959.  there's a hidden stash of loot and no one, not even the killer's widow -- knows where it is.


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  1. One of the few examples of a radio series that followed a tv series versus the common reversed genesis.