Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Frontier Gentleman was a short-lived half-hour western program airing on CBS radio from February 2 to November 16, 1958.  The chances are high that this was the only radio show that began with the word "herewith."

"Herewith, an Englishman's account of life and death in the West.  As a reporter for the London Times, he writes his colorful and unusual accounts.  But as a man with a gun, he lives and becomes a part of the violent years in the new territories."

The Englishman is J. B. Kendall, played by future radio Paladin John Dehner.  Dehner's long career was preceded by stints as a Walt Disney animator, a disk jockey, a professional piano player, and an army publicist.  Dehner's striking baritone voice made him a natural for both film and radio.  Dehner had auditioned three times for the role of Matt Dillon in radio's Gunsmoke; he eventually turned down the part because he did not want to be typecast as a cowboy.  On television, Dehner was best known for his roles in The Roaring Twenties and The Doris Day Show, as well as some two hundred appearances from 1953 to 1988.

"The Honkeytonkers" was the third episode in the series to be aired.  A bar girl, Crystal, plonks herself down on Kendall's lap -- something that Wild Bill Bascom doesn't take kindly to.  Wild Bill's life soon depends on Kendall saving him, while the saloon goers take bets on whether Bascom will live or die.

As Kendall's newspaper report states:  "There are places west of Missouri, where gambling stakes are rather high.  This is paticularly true when the wager depends on a man's life."

"The Hinkeytonkers" first aired on February 16, 1958.  Enjoy.

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