Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 28, 2016


Once again, a week with no Incoming.

Surprisingly, you can have a great week without buying books!  Hard to believe, I know.

While in New Orleans we did a lot of tourist-y things and had some great food but never got to a bookstore.  **sigh**

Then our anniversary came around and Kitty and I had a fantastic time.  (Just as the past 46 years have been fantastic.)

Also, this week Jack (the Kangaroo) kept calling us for play dates.  Who can resist a three-year-old?

Easter Sunday we went over to Christina's for some KFC.  (The working theory was that, since the Easter Bunny has taken over the egg duties, chickens were fair game.)  This was followed by a two-hour attempt to paint like Bob Ross.  The art world has nothing to fear from Chrisstina, Erin, Ceili, Kitty, or myself.

Who knows?  Next week...maybe books.


  1. I just hope there were some bookstores there even if you did not get to them.

  2. Patti is already thinking about Bouchercon, I think. I'm working really hard to NOT have any new books come in, and have been off-loading a box or three when I can. Happy Anniversary!