Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, July 30, 2015


We signed papers with a real estate agent.  Our house will be going on the market next week.  Home prices in this area are very depressed  --  as a result so are we.  **sigh**  C'est la vie.  Actually, Sigh la vie.

Very slowly going through my books.  Thus far, twenty-one bankers boxes have gone to various charities, as have some pieces of furniture.

Still have no idea where in Pensacola we're going to live.  We really should be working on that soon.

On another note, my Uncle Arthur's widow, Thelma Paignon House, passed away at age 102.  Despite blindness in recent years, she manage to stay at home until the end.  Thelma was always a gracious lady.  She will be missed.  Thelma was the last of the Paignons and the last of that generation of my family.  With her death, a page of my personal history has been closed.


  1. Very sorry for your loss, Jerry. Obviously your aunt was a remarkable woman.

    The move is progressing quickly. I admire your gumption.

  2. Sounds like a lot of ups and downs at the moment. Hope things will settle down. Very sorry for your loss.

  3. This does not sound like a fun time. I'm sorry...and sorry I haven't been Keeping Up here...what precipitates the move?

    1. Todd, my youngest and her family are moving to Pensacola and we will be joining them. Next year, my other daughter will also move there, at which time we plan to stage a (hopefully) bloodless coup and rule the entire Florida panhandle.

  4. Jerry, I'd recommend moving to Portland OR instead, and bring all the books with you.