Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, July 17, 2015


The latest addition to our family turned three yesterday.  Christina and Walt adopted the Kangaroo this past January, but he has been with us almost from the git-go.  They began fostering him when he was only six-weeks-old, following his six-week stay at Children's Hospital detoxing from drugs.  (Normally I would give the mother of a drug-addicted child some benefit of the doubt because few people deliberately become addicted but in this case, the Kangaroo's birth mother was terrible on so many counts.  Thank God her parental rights were terminated last winter, making it possible for Christina and Walt to go through with the adoption.)

Because of his start in life, Jack has some hurdles to overcome and he has already overcome many.  He is a bright, sweet, loving boy who likes to run and sing and dance and watch Curious George.  (A mistake was made when Walt watched an episode of The Walking Dead while Jack was in the room; he now loves zombies.)  Jack gives great hugs (with pats) and makes friends wherever he goes.  He brightens our days and tires us out with his energy.  We love him more than we could have imagined.

Jack spent his birthday bouncing on a trampoline and watching big sister Erin get her ears pierced,  Time with Erin is almost as special as time with Mommy and Daddy.

Congratulations, Jack!  If you thought two was a good age, wait until you see what three has in store for you!

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