Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, July 13, 2015


  • Richard Benson, F in Exams. Humor.  A collection of the "very best totally wrong test answers."  Test question:  There are 300 students in the 10th grade.  Mary and Mark want to find out the 10th grade's favorite color.  Mary asks 30 people.  Mark asks 150 people.  Mark says, "My conclusions are more likely to be reliable than Mary's"  Why does Mark think he is right?      Answer: Because Mark is a man 
  • Gene DeWeese, Beepers from Outer Space.  Juvenile SF chapter book, originally titled Black Suits from Outer Space.  Two young people meet a visitor from outer space who badly needs their help.
  • Simon Drew, Gin'll Fix It.  Art/word play book.  Subtitled "A Guide Book for the Confused." Guess I 'm his target market.  From The Curse of Tutankhamun ("It's bloody dark in here") to Freudian Slippers...a joyful little book.
  • Selden Edwards, The Little Book.  Literary time travel novel.  Wheeler Burden is transported from 1988 San Francisco to 1897 Vienna.  A first novel, more than 30 years in the borning.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Transformers:  Ghosts of Yesterday.  Toy franchise tie-in, a prequel to the 2007 Transformers movie.
  • Edward Gorey, The Evil Garden.  Unclassifiable.  (It's Gorey!)   This was one of the umpty-ump books included in Amphigorey Too. the
  • Eric Grzymkowski, The United States of Strange.  Compendium of odd facts.  Although the book is dated 2012, some of references are from several decades earlier, so some of the facts may have been superceded.
  • James W. Hall, Silencer.  A Thorn thriller.  A wealthy ranch is killed just before he was to donate his ranch to the state to prevent the land being developed.
  • Charlaine Harris, editor, Crimes by Moonlight.  Mystery Writers of America anthology with 20 stories.
  • Maxim Jakubowski, editor, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica.  Anthology with 45 stories from 2001-2002.  (A base canard!  Two stories are copyrighted 1998.)
  • Alex Marwood, The Killer Next Door.  Thriller.  A South London rooming house harbors harbours (It's British, y'know) a killer.
  • David Mitchell, Black Swan Green.  Literary novel.  A year in the life of thirteen-year-old Jason Taylor.
  • David Morrell, The Fraternity of Stone.  Thriller, the second in the Brotherhood series.  David MacLane, a former assassin, has been living in a monastery for six years; now someone has tracked him down, in a most bloody way.
  • Louise Penny, A Fatal Grace.  A Chief Inspector Gamache mystery.  A disliked woman has been electrocuted in the midst of a curling match, but no one has seen a thing.
  • Kate Ross, Cut to the Quick.  A Julian Kestrel historical (1820s London) mystery.  The woman in Julian's bed was young, beautiful, and dead.
  • Daniel Silva, The Messenger.  A Gabriel Allon thriller.  Israeli spy Allon races to stop a possible al-Qaeda attack on the Vatican.  This one won the 2007 Barry Award for best thriller and was a finalist for 2006 Steel Dagger Award and the 2007 Thriller award.

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  1. That Penny is a pretty darn good one, I thought. But then I love her books. New one coming next month.