Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 18, 2015


From the Fury Comics website:

"The character of Peter Wheat was created by Walt Kelly, as part of a promotional campaign, for Peter Wheat Bread and Bakers Associates.  The Peter Wheat product, as opposed to the character, was a prepackaged bread.

"The 'Adventures of Peter Wheat' comic book was produced by Dell Publishing and then sold to bakeries and stores, who then had their names printed on the cover.  The comic books were given away free as part of the promotion.

"The book containing 16 pages was published between 1948 and 1956.  There are a total of 66 known issues, plus a several fun  books containing coloring pages and puzzles.  Also part of the campaign was the smaller 'Peter Wheat News'.

"Peter Wheat is a very small boy who has a close circle of animal friends, such as birds and beetles.  Peter is the same size as the animals and the stories relate the adentures they have together.

"The first 35 issues featured Walt Kelly's stories and art work and were published monthly.   Issues after this were written by Del Connell and drawn by Al Hubbard and were produced at irregular times."

If, as the above implies, the artwork was done by Hubbard, he did a fantastic job copying Kelly style.

Enjoy.  And be sure to buy some Peter Wheat, on second thought, better not -- I think Peter Wheat Bread went belly-up some time ago so any you might find could be pretty moldy.

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