Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 26, 2015


  • Clifton Adams, The Desperado.  Western.
  • Piers Anthony, Faun and Games.  Fantasy in the Xanth series.
  • "Richard Awlinson" (Scott Ciencin), The Avatar Trilogy, Book One:  Shadowdale.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel.
  • "James Axler" (Mark Ellis), Outlanders:  Ice Blood.  Post-apocalyptic men's action-adventure.
  • Todhunter Ballard & James C. Lynch, Showdown.  Western.
  • Elaine Bergstrom, Tapestry of Dark Souls.  Gaming (Ravenloff) tie-in novel.
  • Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber.  Fantasy collection with tent different takes on well-known fairy tales,
  • C. J. Cherryh, editor, Merovingen Nights #3:  Troubled Waters.  Shared universe fantasy anthology with eight stories.
  • Adrian Cole, Dream Lords #1:  Lord of Nightmares.  Fantasy.
  • Susan Rogers Cooper, Rude Awakening.  A Milt Kovak mystery.
  • Matthew J. Costello, Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebook #8:  Daredevil, the Man Without Fear:  Guilt by Association.  Comic book tie-in choose-your-own-adventure book.
  • Edith Dorian, Mystery on Graveyard Head.  YA mystery.  Originally titled No Moon on Graveyard Head.
  • Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg, The Heist.  The first Fox and O'Hare thriller from two great pros.
  • Hal G. Evarts, Fugitive's Canyon.  Western collection with 10 stories.
  • "Leslie Ford" (Zenith Brown), Date with Death.  Mystery.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Star Trek.  Movie (the Chris Pine one) tie-in novel.
  • Zachery Alan Fox, All Fall Down.  Thriller.  A bus full of schoolchildren has disappeared.
  • Neil Gaiman & Ed Kramer, editors, The Sandman Book of Dreams. Themed fantasy anthology with nineteen stories about Gaiman's Sandman universe.
  • Craig Shaw Gardner, Spiderman:  Wanted Dead or Alive.  Comic book tie-in novel.
  • Jane Gaskell, Strange Evil.  Fantasy.
  • Christie Golden, Vampire of the Mists.  Gaming (Ravenloff) tie-in novel.
  • Graham Greene, The Complaisant Lover.  Comic play.
  • Sharon Green, The Warrior Rearmed.  Fantasy, the third in the Terrilian sequence.
  • Ed Greenwood, Spellfire.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel.
  • Fred Grove, Trouble Hunter.  Western.
  • James W. Hall, Dead Last.  A Thorn mystery.
  • Donald Hamilton, Smoky Valley.  Western.
  • Ron Handberg, Dead Silence.  Thriller.  Three young boys, ages four to eight, vanished fifteen years ago.  What really happened?
  • "Cyril Hare" (Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark) , Untimely Death.  A Francis Pettigrew mystery.
  • Ernest Haycox, Trail Smoke.  Western.
  • Reginald Hill, Good Morning, Midnight.  A Dalziel and Pascoe mystery.
  • Robert Don Hughes, The Wizard in Waiting.  Fantasy.
  • Bill James, Letters from Carthage.  Mystery told in letters, newspaper articles, interviews, etc.
  • John Jennings, River to the West.  Historical novel.
  • Richard Jessup, Texas Outlaw.  Western.
  • J. Robert King, Carnival of Fear.  Gaming (Ravenloff) tie-in novel.
  • Louis L'Amour, The Burning Hills and Valley of the Sun.  Westerns.  The first, a novel; the second, a collection of nine stories.
  • Elizabeth Linington, The Proud Man.  Historical novel.
  • Frances and Richard Lockridge, Murder Comes First.  Mr. and Mrs. North solve another murder.
  • Bliss Lomax, Riders of the Buffalo Grass.  Western.
  • James Lowder, Knight of the Black Rose.  Gaming (Ravenloff) tie-in novel.
  • Drew Mendelson, Pilgrimage.  SF novel.
  • "A. J. Merak" (John Glasby), The Dark Millennium.  SF novel.
  • Steve Moss & John W. Daniel, editors, The World's Shortest Stories on Love and Death.  Flash fiction anthology with umpty-ump 55-word short stories.
  • "Maan Meyers" (Martin & Annette Meyers), The Lucifer Contract.  Historical mystery.
  • Lewis Patten, Gunsmoke Empire.  Western.
  • "Elizabeth Peters" (Barbara Mertz) & Kristen Whitbread, Amelia Peabody's Egypt:  A Compendium.  Coffee table book, lavishly illustrated.  I doubt I'll ever be able to pry this one from Kitty's hands.
  • Tom Robbins, Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates.  What can I say?  It's a Tom Robbins novel.
  • R. A. Salvatore, The Dark Elf Trilogy.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in omnibus with three novels:  Homeland, Exile, and Sojourn.
  • Les Savage, Jr., The Wild Horse.  Western.  A man, a woman, a horse...
  • "Mariah Stewart" (Marti Robb), Forgotten.  Thriller.  A child serial killer has untold bodies of victims out there.  What is it with all of these kids-in-danger novels?
  • Marcia Talley, Through the Darkness.  A Hannah Ives mystery.  Another kid-in danger novel.  This time, a one-year-old boy is snatched.
  • Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch.  Pulitzer Prize winning novel.
  • James Alexander Thom, Follow the River.  Historical frontier novel.  Mary Ingles, kidnapped by Shawnee, must make her way home through a thousand miles of wilderness.  Based on real events.
  • "Charles Todd" (Caroline & Charles Todd), A Fearsome Doubt.  An Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery.
  • "Peter Tremayne" (Peter Beresford Ellis), The Spider's Web, The Subtle Serpent, and Suffer Little Children.  Three mysteries featuring the 7th century Celtic nun Sister Fidelma.
  • Peter Ustinov, Romanoff and Juliet.  Play.  I loved the John Gavin-Sandra Dee movie based one this three-acter.
  • Gore Vidal, editor, Best Television Plays.  Anthology of eight plays that first aired from 1953 to 1955.
  • Joseph Wambaugh, Echoes in the Darkness.  True Crime.
  • Walter Jon Williams, Facets.  SF collection of nine stories.
  • Patricia C. Wrede, Mairelon the Magician.  Fantasy novel.
  • "Jeremy York" (John Creasey) , Missing.  Mystery about a missing girl.  At least she's nineteen, taking her (just barely) out of the child-in-danger motif of a number of this week's Incoming.

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  1. Didn't get through GOLDFINCH but Phil and Megan loved it. Big haul.