Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Harry Blackstone, Sr. (a real-life magician) was played by Ed Jerome in this 15-minute radio series, mainly scripted by Walter B. Gibson (he of THE SHADOW fame) with some by Nancy Webb (who worked with Gibson on Chick Carter, Boy Detective).  Blackstone, Magic Detective aired Sunday afternoons on the Mutual Broadcasting Network from October 1948 through March 1950.

Jerome, as Blackstone, typically related a past mystery to his friends.  Cue Flashback.  The solution.  Then, how to a magic trick.  Cue music.

The year before the show aired, Gibson created Blackstone the Magician Detective Fights Crime for EC Comics.  The title continued for a second, third and fourth issue for Timely Comics.  The character Rhonda Brent (Blackstone's assistant) was created for the comic and continued through the radio series, played by Fran Carlton.

Here's 38 of the short episodes for your listening pleasure.

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