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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Every has heard of The Human Torch but few people remember Wildfire, Princess of Flames her other persona, Wildfire was Carol Martin, nee Vance, a stunning redhead who was granted power over fire when the God of Fire saw that she was unafraid of flames.  (This was when a raging forest fire killed her father and threatened her -- the God of Fire has a pretty screwed up sense of right and wrong.)  Anyway, Wildfire is quite the babe.  She wears knee-length stiletto boots, tight shorts and uses a bandana for a bra that displays, just occasionally, a hint of nipple.  She can control fire and make it do her bidding.  (Fire evidently understands the English language.  Who knew?)  Oh, and she can fly.

Wildfire began her brief career in August 1941 in Smash Comics published by Quality and blazed her way through adventure for thirteen consecutive issues, guided by the steady hands of creators Jim Mooney and Bob Turner.  Both Nazis and ne'er-do-wells were her meat.

Comics legend Roy Thomas, then at D.C. Comics, wanted to resurrect Wildfire in the early 80s, but DC already had a character named Wildfire at the time and rather than cause confusion, Thomas created Firebrand, a Wildfire-ish clone.

So, let's travel back to the days of Nazis and gangsters for all thirteen of Firebrand's adventures, courtesy of the Wildfire Collection from Heaven4Heroes Archive 1: COMICS

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