Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, December 22, 2014


I just found out that we will become grandparents for the fifth time.  We are lucky enough to have four fantastic grandchildren and now a fifth on January 5th.  That's the scheduled date for Christina and Walt to legally adopt the Kangaroo.  Whoot!

The Kangaroo is now two and a half.  Christina and Walt have been fostering him since he was six weeks old.  His birth mother was a drug addict and his birth father is unknown (five men had been DNA tested but none were the father); she has three other children by three different fathers -- one of those children was also born drug-addicted.  The Kangaroo spent the first six week of his life in the hospital detoxing.

It's been a long haul. The Kangaroo (who will soon have the legal name of Jack) has had a slow developmental curve because of the drugs.  He is not able to eat solid food and has been prone to unexpected violent vomiting and is not able to speak clearly.  Part of the problem appears to be physical; we're working on training him to use his tongue properly.  There is evidently some malfunction with his kidney, whether it is a major problem or what its cause is has yet to be determined.

On the plus side, the Kangaroo is bright and active, with a winning personality.  Christina and Walt have worked hard with him and the advances the Kangaroo has made are astounding.  Mark and Erin love their brother and are constantly teaching him tricks.  We can't go anywhere with the Kangaroo without people oohing and aahing over him -- he is just a friendly, loving, and sweet kid and it shows wherever he goes.  More problems will probably come to light over the next few years, but everyone will handle them as they arise.  For a kid who was handed the short end of the stick when he was born, the Kangaroo Jack has a bright future ahead of him.

So, January 5th is the day we become grandparents again and we couldn't be more proud.  Of Jack.  Of Christina.  Of Walt.  Of  Mark.  Of  Erin.  A family like that is practically unbeatable.

And, yes, there will be a party.  A helluva party!


  1. Congratulations to all, especially Jack, who's becoming part of a fine family.

  2. Replies
    1. After the first four grandkids, Richard, we should be used to feeling very proud, but I must admit that we're walking on air!