Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, November 27, 2014


My college friend Chris could be moody.  Usually when that happened he would write poetry; sometimes -- not often -- he would rip urinals of the walls in men's rooms in various bars, then he would go back to the bar and drinking flaming shots while glaring at everyone there.  Needless to say, his coping skills needed some work.

My coping skills, however, were finely honed.  When I was in a bad mood (which was not often) I would put my copy of Clark Kessinger, Country Fiddler on the record player and turn the volume way, way up.  Thus, everyone in my dormitory could share my misery.  This is not to say that Kessinger's music is painful; it isn't.  Kessinger was a world-class fiddler and a large influence on old time music.  But "Turkey in the Straw" played full blast at 3:00 am is not everyone's cup of tea.

Judge for yourselves:

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