Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, November 22, 2014


First world problems.  We've got them:

  • She's in love with one man but bound to another
  • They get married but they are broke so they have to live uncomfortably with her relatives
  • The new bride has a bad boy brother who may wreck her husband's political career
  • Her romance is one-sided
If that's not enough, this comic book has a "Personal Problem" column:

  • My girlfriend's sister is sabotaging our relationship
  • My girl is 18; is she too young to marry?
  • I'm fat
  • My boyfriend is always broke
  • I'm unpopular because my boss favors me
  • Should I marry my girl after I graduate from high school or should I go to college?
The personal problems don't stop there.  There's the advertisements:

  • Pimples?  Blackheads?  Acne?
  • Don't be skinny!
  • Float fat right out of your body!
Sheesh!  Suck it up, people, and get a life.  (I can say that because none of these are my personal problems.)

Of course, they didn't in 1956 and they don't now.  Some things are universal.  That's why they have romance comics, confession magazines, Harlequin romances, ads that will make your life infinitely better if you would just buy our product...

For the life of me, I don't know why they don't spice up the romance comics with a superhero or two, or an ax murderer, or a vampire, or a secret Nazi cabal, or something.  That's probably why these comics were not aimed at me.

They were aimed at my sister who might have had this issue.  Or, maybe she had grown out of that phase by 1956.

Enjoy.  Maybe.

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