Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, November 17, 2014


  • Lynn Abbey, Unicorn and Dragon.  Fantasy omnibus containing the novels Unicorn and Dragon and Conquest.
  • Roderick Anscombe, The Interview Room.  Thriller.
  • Piers Anthony & Julie Brady, Dream a Little Dream.  Fantasy based on a serial dream over the course of a year by Brady.
  • John Apostolou & Martin H. Greenberg, editor, The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories.  SF anthology with 13 stories.
  • Robert Arthur, The Mystery of the Talking Skull.  YA mystery, #11 in The Three Investigator series.
  • Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg, editors, Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories:  18 (1956).  SF anthology of 15 stories -- good 'uns.
  • Robert Asprin & Peter J. Heck, Phule Me Twice.  Humorous SF, the fourth in the Phule series.
  • J. G. Ballard, The Complete Stories of J. G. Ballard.  Ninety-eight SF/Fantasy/literary stories by one of the best.
  • Lou Cameron, Sky Riders.  Movie tie-in.  I never heard of the film but, according to IMDb, it sank without a trace shortly after its 1976 release.  A shame, because it had a decent cast:  James Coburn, Robert Culp, Susannah York, Charles Aznavour...
  • John Carnell, editor, New Writings in SF 21.  SF anthology with eight stories, the 21st and last in the venerable British series that Carnell edited before his death.  Kenneth Bulmer then took over editorship of the series for an additional eight volumes, ending in 1977.
  • Terry Carr, editor, Universe 12.  SF anthology of nine original stories with a stellar lineup.
  • Bryan Cholfin, editor, The Best of Crank!.  Anthology of 17 SF/fantasy stories from the sadly missed magazine.
  • Arthur C.Clarke, The Snows of Olympus:  A Garden on Mars.  Non-fiction.
  • Patricia Cornwell, Blow Fly.  A Kay Scapretta mystery
  • F. Marion Crawford, Khaled.  Oriental fantasy, this one from the old Ballantine Adult Fantasy line edited by Lin Carter.
  • Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos, The Navigator.  A Kurt Austin adventure from The NUMA Files.
  • [HR Giger],  HR Giger.  Art book with commentary by various people.  Part of the Taschen Icons series with text printed in English, German, and French.
  • Peter Haining, editor, Time Travelers.  SF anthology with 24 stories.  Originally published as Timescapes:  Stories of Time Travel.
  • Laurence James, Rack #4:  Planet of the Blind.  Space opera.
  • H. R. F. Keating, Whodunit?  A Guide to Crime, Suspense & Spy Fiction.  Non-fiction.
  • James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel, editors, Nebula Awards Showcase 2012.  SF anthology with sixteen stories, poems and excepts from 2010.
  • "Gregory Kern" (E. C. Tubb), Cap Kennedy #6:  Seetee Alert!  more space opera.
  • Owen King & John McNally, editors, Who Can Save Us Now?.  Fantasy anthology of 22 stories about superheroes.
  • Gini Koch, Alien in the Family.  SF novel.  The perils of being engaged to a member of the Alpha Centauri Royal Family.
  • "Little Tich" (Harry Relph), Little Tich:  A Book of Travels (and Wanderings). Little Tich was a popular London music hall comedian.  The book was edited/ghost-written by Sax Rohmer (he of Doctor Fu Manchu and oriental thrillers); the extent of Rohmer's involvement is not known.  Rohmer was a close friend of Harry Relph's and wrote songs and sketches before turning to the novels and stories that made him famous.  This book was printed as a paperbound volume in 1911, shortly before the publisher went out of business.  This book was exceeding hard to get until it finally became available to in 2007 in a print-on-demand edition.
  • Ted Malone, Ted Malone's Scrapbook:  Favorite Selections from "Between the Bookends".  Anthology/collection of poems and articles from Good Housekeeping.
  • Alberto Manguel & Gianni Guadalupi, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places.  Non-fiction, a nifty reference book.  This is the 2010 updated and expanded edition.
  • George R. R. Martin, editor,  Wild Cards, Volume Six:  Ace in the Hole.  SF, a "mosaic novel" with contribution by five writers.  Melinda Snodgrass, assistant editor.
  • Rick Mofina, The Burning Edge.  Thriller.
  • Michael Moorcock, The Skayling Tree:  The Albino in America.  Sword and Sorcery novel. Ulric and Oona von Beck and Elric of Melnibone join forces to save the multiverse.
  • Andre Norton & Robert Adams, editors, Magic in Ithkar 2.  Fantasy anthology with 13 stories.
  • J. O'Barr & Ed Kramer, editors, The Crow:  Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams.  Comic book (and many other things) tie-in anthology of 29 stories and poems.
  • Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians.  New age-y stuff (did they have that term in 1960?); also appeared as The Dawn of Magic.  Translated from the French by Rollo Myers.
  • David Pringle, editor, The Best of Interzone.  Collection of 29 stories from the British Sf magazine.
  • Jean  Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg, editor, Hot & Steamy:  Tales of Steampunk Romance.  SF anthology with 16 stories.
  • Robert J. Randisi, editor, Greatest Hits.  Crime fiction anthology with 15 stories.
  • "John Sandford" (John Camp), Hidden Prey.  A Lucas Davenport thriller.
  • Nancy Springer, Chance & Other Gestures of the Hand of Fate.  Fantasy collection, containing the two-part title novella, seven stories, and three poems.
  • W. T. Stead, Real Ghost Stories.  Reprint of the 1921 edition of this collection of supposedly true ghosts stories.
  • Judith Tarr, Daughter of Lir, Lady of Horses, and White Mare's Daughter.  Historical fantasies from the dawn of history.
  • Aimee & David Thurlo, Wind Spirit.  An Ella Clah mystery.
  • Howard Waldrop, Going Home Again.  SF/fantasy collection with nine stories.
  • Ted White, Spawn of the Death Machine.  SF.  White was (IMHO) the second-best editor of Amazing and Fantastic (after Cele G. Lalli); he went on  to edit Heavy Metal.
  • "Jack Yeovil" (Kim Newman), Route 666.  Gaming (Dark Future) tie-in novel.
  • Anthony E. Zuiker & Duane Swierczynski, Dark Prophecy.  A Level 26/Steve Dark thriller.

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  1. I'm sure you'll have them all read by the end of the week, or by Thanksgiving at the latest. :-)