Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Here's a children's book of British animals, complete with rhymes for each animal.  We start (of course) with the British Bulldog and move on to:

  • The Un-Common Cat
  • The Friendly Hen
  • The Learned Pig
  • The Beautiful Swan
  • The Very Tame Lamb
  • The Toilsome Goat
  • The Lucky Duck
  • Cock o' the North
  • The Simple Sheep
  • The Servile Cow, and
  • The Growing Colt
Purists will note that there is no mention of The Paddington Bear.

The book was designed by Sir William Nicholson in 1896 and first published by Heinemann in England in 1899.  Nicholson was a well-known painter, illustrator, and designer (he designed the sets for the first performance of Peter Pan).  The rhymes are by Arthur Waugh, the father of Alec and Evelyn.  The link will take you to the 1900 R. H. Russell (New York) edition.

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