Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, October 6, 2014


  • Alafair Burke,  Judgment Calls.  A Samantha Kincaid mystery.
  • Douglas Clegg, Nightmare House.  Horror.
  • Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl, Murder Casts a Shadow.  A Mina Beckwith/Ned Manusia Hawai'i mystery.
  • Patrick Lee, Deep Sky.  A Travis Chase thriller.
  • Rick Mofina, The Panic Zone.  A Jack Gannon thriller.
  • T. Jefferson Parker, Black Water.  A Merci Rayborn mystery.
  • Iain Pears, The Bernini Bust.  An Art History mystery.
  • Laura Joh Rowland, Black Lotus.  A Sano Ichiro 17th century Japan mystery.
  • James Swain, Grift Sense.  A Tony Valentine mystery.
  • Thomas Tessier, Wicked Things.  Horror.

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  1. Not only have I not read any of these books I have not read any of these authors. So far behind the curve.