Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Let's make something clear from the git-go:  despite the title, this comic is NOT about me.  Not that I'm not amazing, mind you, but 1942 was just a tad before my time.  So Amazing Man was just some dude who should have conceded the title to me when I came of age.  He didn't.  That might be the reason he is somewhat forgotten now.  (Other reasons could include his shorts, his lack of a shirt, or his sidekick Tommy -- who at least deigns to wear a shirt.)

So here's the deal.  Amazing Man is super strong, bullet-proof, can fly and also turn himself into green mist.  He probably can do a whole bunch of other things, too, because he's amazing, right?

In a mash-up of the Old West and today (well, 1942, ok?), John Worth and his daughter Gladys have struck gold and are riding their horses into town to file a claim.  They are suddenly attacked by giant, remote controlled vultures who tear John apart.  Gladys manages to escape and flee to town where the sheriff suggests she call Amazing Man for help.  (The sheriff apparently doesn't do killer vultures and he thinks Amazing Man does.)  The vultures are the creation of Dr. Mord who is raising millions of them so he can take over the United States and become a dictator.  When Amazing Man and Tommy arrive in the nick of time to save Gladys from a second vulture attack, Mord pulls out all the stops.  He utilizes his evil henchmen, dip the vultures' claw in cobra venom, uses his dehydrator pistol on Amazing Man, and tosses him into a pit of giant crabs.  If you this all this will stop Amazing Man, you're reading the wrong comic.  (Tommy appears to  be along just for the ride this time.)

The next story features Basil Wolverton's Meteor Martin of the Space Patrol as he faces "The Monsters of Gorakon."  Sucked into a negative universe, Meteor recues the beautiful Rana and her father only to have a monster make away with Rana.  Before he can rescue the damsel once again, Meteor is thrown into a pit of flames and...continued in the next issue of Stars & Stripes (another comic book published by Centaur Publishing).

Also featured in this issue is a story about The Blue Lady (who owns "the oriental power-giving blue bird") and one about Electric Ray (who decides to wear rubber gloves after electrocuting a gang of baddies).

If that's not enough, there's a story about the King of Darkness and his antigravity invention and on about Mighty Man and Super-Ann (yeah, we're scraping the bottom of the super-hero barrel now).

Anyway, it's a fun issue.

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