Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Three brave and courageous men display their derring-do in separate adventures in this 1951 comic book.

First, Ace Carter, Adventurer, begins in Cairo, where he rescues Diana Hastings, a white girl who has disguised herself as a native dancer in hopes of killing The Hyena, an evil slave trader who murdered her father by throwing him in a live volcano.  The Hyena is in search of the Ancient Ones, the last tribe of ancient Egyptians who have survived in a hidden city at the end of a tunnel on the floor of an old volcano.  Yep, the volcano that Diana's father was thrown in was inactive -- a trick the tribe used to keep people away from their city.  Will Ace save the tribe, defeat the evil slavers, reunite Diana with her father, and kiss the girl in the last panel?  Gee, well, maybe

Then Lance Larson, Soldier of Fortune and The Man of a Thousand Faces, stumbles across Communist agents stealing an ancient portrait of a man named Volenas, a thirteenth century alchemist.  The reds plan to use the portrait to get to a leaden box that once belonged to Volenas and may now be in the hands of a beautiful descendant.  To foil them, Lance must first disguise himself as the ghost of Volenus.  Then, on to Mongolia, where the box is in the hands of descendants of Ghengis Khan, and where Lance must disguised himself as the evil Slovanian general Stranglov (a relation to Dr. Strangelove, perhaps?).  Will the Mongols defeat the red army?  Will the box (which contains the most radioactive substance known to science -- er, bad science, that is) remain in safe hands?  Will Lance kiss the pretty girl?  Gee, well, maybe.

Finally, we travel to Elizabethan times where Captain Crossbones and his ship the Red Rover scours the sea to rid the waves of pirates.  Crossbones is called to London, where he is ordered by Queen Elizabeth to discover whether King Philip of Spain plans to break the peace by invading England. (Hint, he does.)  The Spanish ambassador, a treacherous slimeball named Castillo discovers Crossbones assignment and works to stop him.  He also has designs on beautiful, pure Nancy, the girl whom Crossbones loves.  Will Crossbones save his beloved from the evil Castillo?  Can Crossbones escape the Spaniard's trap?  Will he be able to single-handedly destroy Spain's fleet of twenty galleons?  Will he kiss the pretty girl?  Well, gee, maybe.


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