Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Adventure Into the Unknown claimed to be the first supernatural comic book to be published anywhere in the United States, an assertion that could be true for all I know.  AItU did institute something very different in 1954.

How about some thrill and chills in Truevision?  What's Truevision? you ask.  Well, it's kind of a cheap way to do 3D effects in comic books without the funny glasses.  It actually turns out pretty well in the three stories here penciled by Harry Lazarus:  "Dry Death," "The Man Who Lost His Face," and "One Bright and Shining Day."  And from artist Bob Forgione, there is a one-page Truevision take on supposedly true vampire Alicia von Czerny.

Check out the issue below and register your own verdict on Truevision.

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