Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, July 28, 2014


  • "Walter Bryan" (Walt Willis), The Improbable Irish.  Non-fiction.  Willis was a legendary SF fan.  I bought this book in 1969 when it first came out but my copy went walkabout sometime over the ensuing years.  It's good to finally get a copy to replace it.
  • "C. J. Cherryh" (Caroline Cherry), Downbelow Station.  SF Hugo-winning novel, the first published (although the third in chronology) in Company Wars series, part of her overall Union-Alliance universe.
  • Robert Crais, The Last Detective.  An Elvis Cole mystery.
  • Julie E. Czerneda, editor, Misspelled.  Fantasy anthology with 17 stories about magic spells gone awry.  Copyrighted by the editor and Martin H. Greenberg's Teckno Books.
  • Kathleen George, The Odds.  Thriller.
  • Robert Lieberman, Perfect People.  SF.
  • Barry Maitland, Silver Meadow.  A Kathy & Brock mystery.  Maitland, born in Scotland and raised in England, is one of the leading lights in the Australian mystery scene.
  • Bill McCay, Spider-Man Super Thriller:  Deadly Cure,  Juvenile comic book tie-in novel.
  • "G. J. Morgan" (Donald S. Rowland), Trail of Death.  Western, apparently the first of perhaps three in the Buck Dunne, bounty hunter series.
  • Ruth Rendell, The Copper Peacock.  Collection of nine mystery stories.
  • "Dell Shannon" (Elizabeth Linington), Cold Trail.  A Luis Mendoza mystery.
  • Linda Wolfe, The Murder of Dr. Chapman: The Legendary Trials of Lucretia Chapman and Her Lover.  True Crime.

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