Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Here's an Australian comic featuring legendary adventurer Clancy from the northern part of that continent.  A western, of sorts.  "Clancy of the Overflow" first appeared as a poem by Banjo Patterson in 1889.  His Clancy was a real person (Thomas Gerald Clancy) who had been working at "The Overflow,"  a sheep station in New South Wales.  Patterson also used Clancy in his poem "The Man from Snowy River."

Except for the name, the character of Clancy was invented from whole cloth.  The Clancy in the comic book?  "Whenever there was trouble -- a wrong to be righted -- rough justice to be done -- the cry went up...Call Clancy of the Overflow!"

In this adventure, Clancy goes in pursuit of the fabulous Arnhem land butterfly -- something far more perilous than it sounds, especially when you go "North of Capricorn."


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