Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 14, 2014


From May 1953, Mister Mystery presents four tales of mystery and suspense:
  • "Beauty and the Beast!"  An ugly fashion designer creates a beautiful robot, but beauty can be fickle...and dangerous.  Comics legend Basil Wolverton worked on this one.
  • "The Marriage of Life and Death!"  There's nothing like a young couple in love, except when the man has both a past and a curse hanging over him.  By the way, the couple are Nick and Dora (which reminds me of Nick and Nora -- without the fun repartee).
  • "Yakity-Yakity-Yak"  How to get away from a nagging wife?  Built a time machine and escape into the past -- the far distance past, but hooking up with a cave girl has its own problems.
  • "The Little Monster"  Young Gloria has a deadly pet, one that hates her aunt as much as shee does.
Also, a short text story, "First Come, First Served," about a husband hiring a hit man to kill his wife.

All in all, a pretty neat issue.

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