Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, June 6, 2014


Rebels:  City of Indra:  The Story of Lex and Livia by Kendall and Kylie Jenner (2014)

OK.  So it's not a Forgotten Book, but I predict it soon will be.

And, yeah, I haven't read it and probably never will.

And I've never seen their television show.

But I know they're part of the Kardashian clan and I've seen their names on the tabloids at the supermarket checkout lane.  And their dad is Bruce Jenner and he's been looking really weird lately.

Somebody in that group had a sex tape, but I don't think it was either of them, although one of them did show up topless somewhere recently.

And that's all I know about the Jenner girls and their book.

But that's not going to stop me from reviewing a book I have never seen.   Because I'm pretty sure I can guess the contents.

In no particular order:
  • Make-up
  • Clothes
  • Angst
  • More clothes
  • More angst
  • Some kind of made-up city
  • Friendship
  • Misunderstandings
  • Clothes
  • Romance (probably not too steamy because one of the "authors" is only 16)
  • Did I mention make-up?
  • Guys falling for girls
  • Girls being cool
  • Lots of adjectives and adverbs
  • Lots of words used to substitute the word "said"
  • Clothes
So there you have it.  A great beach read for those who do not read.

For the rest of you:  forget it.

After all, it's a Forgotten Book.

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