Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, June 9, 2014


A lot of anthologies this time out.
  • Rex Alexander, Night Calls.  Thriller.
  • Patrick Andrews, Track #12:  Drug Runner.  Men's action adventure.  Does anyone know if Andrews is a house name?
  • [Anonymous editor], Angel: The Longest Night, Vol. 1.  Television tie-in anthology with twelve stories, all taking place in a single night.  Also, Great Murder Mysteries, an instant remainder anthology with 66 mystery stories.
  • Mike Ashley, editor, The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunnits, The Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits, and The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits.  Three anthologies of historical mysteries with 22, 23, and 20 stories, respectively.
  • Kage Baker, Sky Coyote.  SF novel, second in the Company series.
  • Iain M. Banks, Transition. SF.
  • Greg Bear, The Collected Stories of Greg Bear.  SF collection with 24 stories and three introductions,  Two of the stories had previously been published separately:  Sleepside Story and Heads.  Signed.
  • Gary Braunbeck, Mr. Hands.  Horror.
  • Herbert Breen, Hardly a Man Is Now Alive.  A Rex Frame/Constance Wilder mystery.
  • Steve Brewer, Witchy Woman.  A Bubba Mabry mystery.
  • John Burke, The Devil's Footsteps.  Horror novel featuring supernatural detective Dr. Alexander Caspian.
  • Jeff Conner, editor, Zombies vs. Robots:  This Is War!  Comic book tie-in anthology with eleven stories.
  • M. C. Carey, The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints.  A Three Investigators juvenile mystery.
  • Humphrey Carpenter, Secret gardens:  The Golden Age of Children's Literature.  Non-fiction.
  • Terry Carr, editor, Universe 13.  SF anthology with seven stories.
  • Leslie Charteris, Count on the Saint.  Two novellas in the long-running series; original  outlines by Donne Averill and "developed" by Graham Weaver.
  • William L. Chester, Kioga of the Wilderness.  A classic lost-world adventure.
  • Richard Dalby, editor, The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories.  Horror anthology with 52 stories.
  • Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, editors, Little People!  Fantasy anthology with 11stories.
  • Ellen  Datlow & Terri Windling, editors, Black Swan, White Raven.  Fantasy anthology with 21 new takes on fairy tales.
  • Roger Elwood, editor, Frontiers 2:  The New Mind.  SF anthology with nine stories.
  • Gillian Flynn, Dark Places.  Mystery. 
  • J. F. Gonzalez, Shapeshifter.  Horror.
  • Paula Guran, editor,  Season of Wonder (18 SF Christmas Stories) and Vampires:  The Recent Undead (25 neck-biter stories).
  • Peter Haining, The Irish Leprechaun's Kingdom.  Non-fiction about the various creatures of Irish legend and folklore.
  • "Cyril Hare" (A. A. Gordon Clark), The Wind Blows Death.  A Francis Pettigrew mystery.
  • Herbert Harris, editor, John Creasey's Crime Collection 1982.  Annual Crime Writers' Association anthology (their 21st collection) with 17 stories.
  • Simon Hawke, Psychodrome 2:  The Shapeshifter Scenario.  SF.
  • "Jack Hawkins" (probably Nicholas Cain, who wrote most -- if not all -- of this series), Chopper 1 #10:  Monsoon Massacre.  Men's action-adventure.
  • Elizabeth Anne Hull, editor, Gateways.  SF anthology in honor of Frederik Pohl (Hull's husband) with 18 stories and eight appreciations.
  • Maxim Jakabowski, editor, The Mammoth Book of Vintage Whodunnits and New Crimes 3.  Mystery anthologies with 27 and 16 stories, respectively.
  • Stephen Jones, editor, The Monster Book of Zombies.  Horror anthology with 26 stories.
  • Philip Kerr, The Second Angel.  Dystopian thriller.
  • Hugh Lamb, editor, Return from the Grave. Horror anthology with 20 stories.
  • "Murray Leinster (Will F. Jenkins), Land of the Giants.  Television tie-in novels.  The TV show was really bad.  And the book?  Let's hope not.
  • Edgar Lustgarten, Verdict in Dispute.  Non-fiction examining six famous murder trials.
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  January 1978 and April 1981 issues.
  • Mack Maloney, Wingman, Wingman #2:  The Circle War, and Wingman #3:  The Lucifer Crusade.  The first three volumes in the men's action adventure series.  "Mad Max with wings."
  • Cynthia Manson, editor, Blood Threat & Fears.  Suspense anthology with 33 stories from AHMM and EQMM.  Note the lack of commas in the title.
  • Cynthia Manson & Kathleen Halligan editors, Murder to Music. Mystery anthology with 15 stories from AHMM and EQMM
  • Robert McCammon, The Five.  Rock and Roll novel with a McCammon twist.
  • "Barbara Michaels" (Barbara Mertz), The Master of Blacktower.  Romantic suspense, aka "Gothic."
  • Margaret Millar, Ask for Me Tomorrow. A Tom Aragon mystery.
  • William Morris, On the Lines of William Morris.  Omnibus of the novels The Wood Beyond the World and The Well at World's End, two fantasies that inspired Tolkien.
  • Helen Neilson, Sing Me a Murder.  Mystery.
  • David Pirie, The Patient's Eyes.  Mystery with Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr. Joseph Bell.
  • Anne Rice, The Vampire Chronicles Collection.  Horror omnibus containing Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and The Queen of the Damned.
  • Peter Robinson, Cold Is the Grave.  An Alan Banks mystery.
  • Budd Schulberg, Writers in America.  Non-fiction.  Reminiscences of six famous authors.
  • "Luke Short" (Frederick Glidden), The Whip.  Western.
  • Marie R. Reno, Final Proof.  Mystery.
  • Mike Resnick, editor, Down These Dark Spaceways.  Anthology with six SF/mystery novellas.
  • James Reynolds, More Ghosts in Irish Houses.  Occult?  Folklore?  Twaddle?  I love reading this sort of thing.
  • John Scalzi, editor, Metatropolis.  SF shared world anthology with five novelettes.
  • Don Smith, Secret Mission #1:  Istanbul, #9: Haitian Vendetta, #13: Peking, #16:  The Libyan Contract, and #19:  The Dalmatian Tapes.  Men's action adventure.
  • Wendy Corsi Staub, In the Blink of an Eye.  Suspense.
  • John Richard Stephens, editor, Vampires, Wine & Roses.  Horror anthology with 34 stories, poems, and excerpts.
  • Eleanor Sullivan, editor, Ellery Queen's Lost Men.  Mystery anthology with 21 stories from EQMM.
  • "Paul Tabori" (Paul Tabor), Harry Price Ghost-Hunter.  Biography by the writer who was also Price's literary executor.
  • Tales of Magic and Mystery, February 1928.  Facsimile reprint of the pulp magazine.
  • Sherri S. Tepper, The Family Tree.  SF.
  • Robert Traver, Anatomy of a Murder.  Mystery.
  • David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace, & Irving Wallace, editors, The Book of Predictions.  Lists, lists, and more lists.  Fun.
  • David Weber, The Apocalypse Troll.  SF.
  • Colin Wilson, Poltergeist: A Study in Destructive Haunting.  Speculative non-fiction?  Wilson was evidently a strong believer in the occult, to judge by the number of books he wrote on the subject.


  1. Has anyone ever written about Cyril Hare for forgotten books?

  2. Please let us know if you ever get around to reading anything on this long list.