Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 27, 2012


  • Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, Ill Wind.  SF.
  • "Victor Appleton II" (house name), Four books in the Tom Swift Jr. series:  Tom Swift and His Megascope Space Prober (#20), Tom Swift and His Repelatron Skyway (#22), Tom Swift and His Polart-Ray Dynasphere (#25), and Tom Swift and His Subocean Geotron (#27).  All four of these were written by Jim Lawrence, who wrote 24 of the 33 books in  the series.
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley, City of Sorcery.  Fantasy, a Darkover novel.  Bradley adds a note that this novel was inspired by Talbot Mundy's 1926 book The Devil's Guard
  • Don Coldsmith, The Traveler.  Western in the Spanish Bit series.
  • "Paula Fairman," River of Passion.  Historic romance.  Despite the similarity in names, this is not a pseudonym for SF/mystery author Paul W. Fairman; rather, this was written by Robert Vaughan (not the actor) under one of his 35 pseudonyms.
  • Steven Gould, Jumper:  Griffin's Story.  YA SF movie tie-in novel.  Gould wrote this to be consistent with the movie made from his novels Jumper and Reflex.
  • William W. Johnstone, The Last of the Dog Team.  Men's Adventure.
  • Tanith Lee, Red Unicorn.  YA fantasy, sequel to Black Unicorn and Gold Unicorn.
  • Gregory McGuire, Seven Spiders Spinning.  Juvenile fantasy.  I  don't like spiders.  Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em.  Stomp those suckers flat, I say.
  • "Jack McKinney" (joint pseudonym of Brian Daley and James Lucerno), Robotech First Generation #1:  Genesis.  Gaming tie-in novel.
  • James A. Moore, Writ in Blood.  Horror.
  • David Morrell, The Spy Who Came for Christmas.  Thriller.
  • Barbara Neely, Blanche Among the Talented Tenth.  Mystery.
  • Jack Olsen, Night Watch.  Thriller.
  • John Shirley, Constantine.  Movie tie-in novel.  Based on characters in the Hellblazer graphjic novels.
  • Joan Slonczewski, A Door Into Ocean.  SF.
  • Wen Spencer, A Brother's Price.  SF.
  • Bruse Sterling, Holy Fire.  SF.
  • Patricia Telep, editor, The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance.  Don't know why the hell I picked this one up.  Twenty stories.
  • Harry Turtledove, Darkness Descending.  Alternate World War II fantasy novel.
  • Gore Vidal, The American Presidency, Dreaming War:  Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta, and Perpetua; War for Perpetual peace:  How We Got To Be So Hated.  Essays.  When Vidal died recently, I realized it had been years since I had read anything by him so I picked these essays that were designed to be provocative.
  • Gerald Walker, Cruising.  Thriller.
  • Pamela West, Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper.  Historical mystery, but not by Robert Bloch.
  • Leonard Wibberley, The Mouse on the Moon.  The Duchy of Grand Fenwick!

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