Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 20, 2012


  • Robert Adams, The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland.  SF novel, #2 in the Castaways in Time series.
  • "Nick Carter" (Dennis Lynds this time), Killmaster #194:  The Mayan Connection.  Men's action adventure.  Lynds was also "Michael Collins" (he of the Dan Fortune PI novels), "William Arden" (he of the Kane Jackson novels and fourteen of The Three Investigator juvenile books), one of the later "Maxwell Grant"s (with ten novels about the Shadow), and "Carl Dekker," and "Mark Sandler," and "John Crowe," and probably others. 
  • Marc Ceransini, 24 Declassified:  Operation Hell Gate. Television tie-in, the first in the series.  Sucks to be Jack Bauer.
  • C. J. Cherryh, Fortress in the Eye of Time and Fortress of Eagles, the first two books in a fantasy series, and The Morgaine Saga, an omnibus volume containing the SF novels Gate of Ivrel, Well of Shiuan, and Fires of Azeroth.
  • Ralph Cotton, Ralph Compton's The Shadow of a Noose.  Western, the second book in a trilogy (that's what the cover says, anyway; there's now four books in this "trilogy"), following Death Rides a Chesnut Mare.
  • Jeffrey Deaver, Roadside Crosses.  A Kathryn Dance thriller.
  • [Detective Book Club], two omnibus volumes.  The first contains Sow Death, Reap Death by "Hugh Pentecost" (Judson Phillips), about the "mod" PR man Julian Quist, Done in Daggers by Sara Woods, a Barrister Antony Maitland mystery, and The Golden Sabre by John Cleary.  The second volume contains The Devil's Novice by "Ellis Peters" (Edith Parteger), a Brother Cadfael novel, Killed on the Ice by William L. deAndrea, a Matt Cobb mystery, and The Company of Saints by Evelyn Anthony, a Davina Graham spy-gal book.
  • "Greg Donegan" (Robert Mayer), Atlantis:  Bermuda Triangle.  Thriller.
  • John Farris, Nightfall.  Horror.
  • Lee Goldberg, Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out.  Television tie-in.  Would it be bad of me to say the readers find these books "obsessive"?
  • Stephen King, Full Dark, No Stars.  This edition adds a bonus story, "Under the Weather."
  • Deborah LeBlanc, Water Witch.  Horror.
  • Paul Levinson, Borrowed Tides.  SF.
  • Hunter Morgan, She'll Never Know.  Romantic Suspense.
  • Mary Doria Russell, A Thread of Grace.  Novel.


  1. I got two books today. MALTESE FALCON, which I have never read. And something about dwarfs by Nicholas Freeling. Unexpected library sale. Oh, three. A collection by Alfred Hitchcock.

    1. Patti, I just finished writing Friday's Forgotten Book post on William F. Nolan's THE BLACK MASK MURDER, a mystery featuring Dashiell Hammett and the artifact that inspired THE MALTESE FALCON. Serendipity.