Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


From Up-To-Date Minstrel Jokes, compiled by H. H. Wheeler (1902).  This one was one of the least offensive, even though it gives a tacit nod to racism and abuse. (In this instance times have changed for the better.)

Tambo.--Did you see that lady I was walking down the street with to-day?
Int.--I certainly did.
Tambo.--That's my best girl.  Did you see that black silk dress she had on?
Tambo.--I gave her that.
Int.--Did you?
Tambo.--Did you see those solitaire diamonds she had in her ears?
Tambo.--They cost me three hundred dollars.  I gave her them.
Int. (with surprise)--Did you?
Tambo.--She's very pretty--nice black eyes hasn't she?  Did you notice those black eyes?
Int.--I should I did.
Tambo.--I gave her them.
Int.--Did you?
Tambo.--And of course you saw that little baby she had?
Int.--Yes, a very pretty child.
Tambo.--That belongs to her sister.

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