Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We made it back from Pittsburgh happy but tired.  It seemed every animal in the Pittsburgh zoo thought we would enjoy it if they defecated in front of us; can't say I enjoyed it, but the grandkids giggled.  The aquarium was fun and Kitty did not disapppoint by being put off by the moray eels.  (They just look evil, says she rightly.)  We also did the Carnagie Science Center where the kids went wild at the adjoining Sports Science center and everyone enjoyed the hands-on displays at the main building.  Kitty, Christina, and the kids took the Duquesne tram ride down and up Mount Washington while I cowered at the top.  All in all, Pittsburgh is a fantastic city and far more interesting and beautiful than I had thought.  Good times.

     Alas, now that we're back in Maryland, my back has started to spasm and now I'm walking funny and in some pain.  My back has been the bane of my existence for the past fifty years and occasionally decides to do nasty things.  At its worst, I cannot stand, sit, or lie down for more than twenty minutes at a time and I'm apt to fall down without warning.  A combination of arthritis, stenosis, adhesions, and at least one fractured spine, coupled with muscle spasms.  Bah!

     So I'll be taking it easy for the next few days.  Not much blogging, and a lot of guilt about things that need to be done around the house.  Tonight, though, I have to cheer Erin on in her fourth grade spelling bee.  (She came in second in the second and third grade spelling bees.)  Then on Thursday, we have to take the kids to a book signing by "Erin Hunter," author of the Warriors (about cats) and the Seekers (about bears, I think) series of kid's books; since "Erin Hunter" is four different writers, it will be interesting to see which one show up and how she'll sign the books.  I'll take both canes to the Thursday signing because I anticipate a lot of standing in line.  Also I anticipate having to recuperate over the weekend.

     No Overlooked Film or TV this week, but I'm thinkingof a future post on "Overlooked Characters" -- those characters who just disappear from a television show or movie without explanation.  Think Chuck, Richie Cunningham's older brother from Happy Days.  Any suggestions?

     Last week was Patti Abbott's "Zoo" Flash Fiction Challenge, but I was at a zoo, instead of writing a story about it.  I may post a belated zoo story sometime of the next week or two.

     This Friday, Patti's Forgotten Book series is focusing on John D. MacDonald.  My JDM's are buried in a box that I can't get to while my back is acting up, so there are no guarantees I'll be posting then.

     I was able to post a Hymn Time this past Sunday and yesterday's Incoming almost killed me.  Today's Update is being done in short bits over a period of time; it is difficult to sit and to concentrate for any length of time.  Even reading is difficult; I'm three days into a Joe Lansdale novel that I would normally gulp down in an evening and I'm only halfway through the book.

     If past history is any indication, I should be back to being productive (or productive-ish) in a week or so.


  1. Back problems are the worst. I hope you recover soon.

  2. I've had a few adventures in recalcitrant back behavior, and my father is in constant pain from his back surgery, so you know you have my sympathy. Tylenol 3 or ibuprofen?

    Will have to mull about vanished characters, including Lisa Bonet's from THE COSBY SHOW (even given they spun her off), or Adam from BONANZA (don't know how he was written out)...several from M*A*S*H, including Speechucker Jones, Ugly John, whatever they were calling Loudon Wainwright's troubador, and Lt. Dish...

    Zoos are A/V experiences, as are brother lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, after it had become the college city it is now...a far cry from the smog-Pitt it had been in its industrial heyday.

  3. Or even Spearchucker. Though if he was chucking Albert Speer, that's quite a lot of effort and I can see why he'd have to leave the series (and he should definitely be protecting his back, as well).

  4. Wow. sorry to hear about the back. Both my husband and son have back problems from time to time. My grandfather was one of the architects who designed the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh. I was stunned by how out of place it seemed atthe time I visited. I guess they thought they were in New York still. The firm was owned by Charles Klauder (sp?) and I have a few of the drawings.
    Pittsburgh is utopia compared to Detroit.