Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 9, 2012


Looks like it's Western Week here at Casa Me.  I count 111 of 'em, but since I don't have that many fingers I may be off a bit.  Yee-hah!

  • John Edward Ames, Deadwood Gulch.  A "Ralph Compton" western.
  • Jack Ballas, A Town Afraid.  Western.
  • William Blinn, A Cold Place in Hell.  Western.
  • "Max Brand" (Frederick Faust) The Abandoned Outlaw.  Western collection of three short novels.
  • Peter Brandvold, .45-Caliber Revenge (the ,45-Caliber series), The Devil's Winchester (Lou Prophet, Bountry Hunter series), and Navarro (a "Ralph Compton" novel.  Westerns all.
  • "Lyle Brandt" (Mike Newton), The Lawman: Avenging Angels.  Western.
  • Bill Brooks, Vengeance Trail.  Western.
  • J. Lee Butts, Written in Blood.  A Hayden Tilden western.
  • Sir Andrew Caldecott, Not Exactly Ghosts.  Omnibus edition of two horror collections: Not Exactly Ghosts (twelve stories) and Fires Burn Blue (thirteen stories).
  • Margaret Coel, The Lost Bird.  A Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley mystery.
  • Ralph Compton, Devil's Canyon.  Western.
  • Ralph Cotton, Fighting Men, Gun Law, Gunman's Song, Jackpot Ridge, and Riders from Long Pines.  More westerns.
  • "Peter Dawson" (Jonathan Hurff Glidden), The Ghost of the Chinook.  Western collection with five stories.
  • Randy Denmon, The Savage Breed.  Western.
  • Phil Dunlap, Cotton's War.  Western.  The first in a series.
  • T. T. Flynn, Gunsmoke.  Western collection of four stories.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Phylogenesis.  SF.  Book One of the Founding of the Commonwealth.
  • Marcus Galloway, Rusted Tin.  A "Ralph Compton" western.
  • Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis, editors, Law of the Gun.    Western anthology.  Seventeen stories.
  • Ed Gorman, Fast Track.  Western.  Dev Mallory #3.
  • Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg, editors, The Adventure of the Missing Detective and 19 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories!  Annual anthology; this one covers 2004.
  • Arthur Herman, How the Scots Invented the Modern World.  Nonfiction.  SPOILER ALERT:  Haggis had nothing to do with it.
  • Sebastien Japrisot, A Very Long Engagement.  Historical fiction.  Winner of the 1991 Prix Interallie.  Translated by Linda Coverdale.
  • J. A. Johnstone, The Loner:  Dead Man's Gold, The Loner:  The Big GundownThe Loner:  Killer Poker, and The Loner:  Crossfire.  Books Three, Four, Nine, and Eleven in the western series.
  • William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone, Pride of Eagles (a MacCallister novel) and Massacre Mountain (a Cotton Pickens novel).  Westerns.
  • Elmer Kelton, Sons of Texas.  Western.  Part of a series.
  • "Frank Leslie" (Peter Brandvold), The Dangerous DawnDead River Killer, and Revenge at Hatchet Creek.  Yakima Henry westerns.  
  • Matt Lewis, editor, Out of the Gutter 4 and Out of the Gutter 5.  From 2005, two issues of "The Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature."
  • "Jake Logan" (house name), #239 The Comanche Princess, #241 Slocum and the Big Three, #257 Slocum and the Mountain Spirit, #258 Slocum's Partner, #261 Slocum and the Senorita, #266 Slocum and the Blue-Eyed Hostage, #270 Slocum on Ghost Mesa, #274 Valley of Skulls, #275 Slocum and the Gravedigger, #276 Slocum's Warpath, #277 Slocum and the Deserter, #278 Shoot-Out at Whiskey Springs, #280 Slocum and the Ranch War, #281 Slocum and the Widow Maker, #285 Slocum's Disguise, #289 Slocum at Devil's Mouth, #290 Slocum and the Treasure Chest, #295 Dancer's Trail, #298 Slocum and the Tequila Rose, #307 Slocum and the Sheriff of Guadalupe, #309 Slocum and the Crooked Sheriff, #314 Slocum and the Deadwood Deal, #318 Slocum and the Presidio Phantoms, #319 Slocum and Lady Death, #321 Slocum and the Vanished, #325 Slocum and the Boss's Wife, #333 Slocum and the Land-Grabbers, #345 Slocum and the Widow's Range Wars, #326 Slocum and Pearl of the Rio Grande, #358 Slocum and the Bandit Durango, #361 Slocum and the Lucky Lady, #362 Slocum and the Witch of Westlake, #363 Slocum and the British Bully, #634 Slocum and the Dynamite Kid, #365 Slocum and the Family Business, #366 Slocum and the Rustler on the Run, #367 Slocum and the Medicine Man, #368 Slocum and Belle Starr, #369 Slocum and the Living Dead Man, #370 Slocum and the Four Peaks Range War#371 Slocum and the Backshooters, #373 Slocum and the Widow Sold to the Comanche, #374 Slocum and the Gift Horse, #376 Slocum and the Second Horse, #377 Slocum and the Four Seasons, #378 Slocum and the Teamster Lady#379 Slocum and the Yellowback Trail, #380 Slocum and the Dirty Dozen, #381 Slocum and the Forgetful Felon, #383 Slocum and the Trail to Tascosa, #387 Slocum and the Bandit Cucaracha, #398 Slocum and the Big Timber Belles#390 Slocum and the Cow Camp Killers, #392 Slocum and the Socorro Saloon Sirens, #393 Slocum's Breakout, #394 Slocum and the Fool's Errand, and these "Giant" novels:  Slocum Along Rotten Row, Slocum and the Town Killers, Slocum's Great Race, and Slocum in the Secret Service.  As you can tell, this is a long-running adult western series.
  • Robert J. Randisi, Gallows.  Western.
  • "Kenneth Robeson" (Lester Dent), Doc Savage #12:  "The Squeaking Goblin (1934)" & "The Evil Gnome (1940)" and Doc Savage #15:  "The Red Spider (1979)," "Terror Wears No Shoes (1948)," and "Return from Cormoral (1949)."  Two of the Doc Savage omnibus volumes from Sanctum Productions.  Four stories originally published in the pulps, t he fifth  as a paperback.
  • David Robbins, Bluff City, By the Horns, and A Wolf in the Fold.  "Ralph Compton" westerns.
  • Les Savage, Jr., Trail of the Silver Saddle.  Collection of three short western novels.  
  • [Darrell Schweitzer, editor], Weird Tales, Spring 1991, whole number 300.  The Robert Bloch issue.
  • Bradford Scott, The Cowpuncher.  Western.
  • "Jon Sharpe" (house name), The Trailsman #227:  Navajo Revenge.  Adult western.
  • "Grant Stockbridge" (Norvell Page), The Spider, Master of Men! #3:  "Death's Crimson Juggernaut" and "The Red Death Rain."  Omnibusvolume of two pulp tales from 1934.
  • R. W. Stone, Trail Hand.  Western.
  • John Trace, Range of Golden Hoofs.  Western.
  • Charles G. West, Evil Breed and Lawless Prairie.  Westerns.
  • Joseph A. West,  Bounty Hunter, The Convict Trail, Death of a Hangman, Guns of the Canyonlands, Rawhide Flat, The Stranger from Abilene, and Stryker's Revenge.  "Ralph Compton" westerns.
  • "Jack Yeovil" (Kim Newman), Drachenfells.  Gaming tie-in novel; part of the Genevieve series.

And the following e-books:
  • Charles Gramlich, Harvest of War.
  • "Colby Jackson" (Bill Crider this time), Rancho Diablo:  Dead Man's Revenge.
  • Paul Levine, Riptide.
  • Jeffrey Marks, The Ambush of My Name.
  • Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy, The Destroyer:  The Day Remo Died.

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  1. Whew! Nice load there. People seem to feel I buy a lot of books and I had a mere nineteen this week.