Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 23, 2012


Some old westerns, a smattering of SF, horror, and mysteries, a bit of this and a bit of that.  A good week.
  • "Victor Appleton II" (John Almquist, this time) , Tom Swift and His Jetmarine.  That's Tom Swift Jr., mind you.
  • Walt Coburn, Law Rides the Range.  Western.
  • Ralph Compton, Death Rides a Chestnut Mare.  Western
  • Eugene Cunningham, Gun Bulldogger.  Western.
  • Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois, editors, Wizards.  Anthology with eighteen fantasy stories.
  • Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, The Fall.  Vampire novel; Book II of The Strain Trilogy.
  • Harry Sinclair Drago, Buckskin Empire.  Western.
  • David Drake, Surface Action.  Military SF.
  • Thomas Godfrey, editor, Murder for Christmas.  Anthology with twenty-six mainly familiar stories.
  • Alan Hynd, Prescription:  Murder.  Eleven true crime articles.
  • John Legg, High Country Showdown.  Western.
  • Donna Lettow, Highlander:  Zealot.  Television tie-in novel.
  • David Morrell, Extreme Denial.  Thriller.
  • Rebecca Neason, Highlander:  Shadow of Obsession.  Television tie-in novel.
  • "Kenneth Robeson" (Lester Dent, in all) Doc Savage Omnibus, Volume 1.  Four adventure novels from the self-named pulp:  The All-White Elf (from March 1941), The Running Skeleton (from June 1943), The Angry Canary (from July 1948), and The Swooning Lady (from September-October 1948).
  • John Robert Russell, Sar.  SF.
  • Vanitha Sankaran, Watermark.  A novel of the Middle Ages.  Recommended (and given) by friend Wynter.
  • Louis Trimble, Marshal of Sangaree with Tom West, The Face Behind the Mask.  An Ace Double western.
  • Joseph A. West, The Man from Nowhere.  A "Ralph Compton" western.

And the following e-books:
  • James Cole, The Real.
  • Anne Fraiser, editor, Deadly Treats.
  • Ann Grant, Shadow Stations:  Unseen.
  • Madison Johns, Coffin Tales :  Season of Death 2.
  • Joe R. Lansdale, Bullets and Fire.
  • Micheal Rivers, Verliege.
  • C. J. West, Sin and Vengeance.
  • William van Winkle, The Followers:  A Short Tale of the Civil War Dead.

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  1. Your ambition floors me. I need to see YOUR bookshelves now that I've seen George's and Jeff's.