Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This morning we went out with our two youngest grandchildren and the 6-year-old foster child who lilves with them.  We were loaded down with butterfly nets and pure ambition to net some type of watery critter, so went down to a nearby marina and boardwalk.  The crabs were waiting for us.

     After a couple of tries, Mark scooped up a crab, but in the attempt to free it from the net the crab pinched Mark's finger and got away.  Those suckers can move really fast -- zip, plop, and gone.  Mark said they could pinch pretty hard, too.

     Now we had this whole thing down to a science -- with us as the mad scientists.  Erin soon caught a largish jellyfish which she then released; jellyfish stings were nothing to look forward to.  Mark caught three more crabs -- two female and a much larger male.  I managed to net my cell phone as it slid out of my pocket and into the water.

     We tried to move the crabs from the pail we had to a container.  Big mistake.  All three crabs leaped to the ground and hurried their escape.  We caught the two females, but the male was a pure speed demon.  Zip, plop, and gone.

     By now, every crab in the Chesapeake and its tributaries were on the lookout for us.  I imagine they used crab tom-toms to spread the word.  There was one crab, however, that didn't get the message -- or, perhaps, ignored it.  I laid down on the boardwalk and scooped that sucker up.  I could swear I heard everyone cheer because of the natural grace and efficiency I showed.

     By now the score was Erin 1, jellyfish nothing; Mark 2, crabs 2; me 2, cell phone nothing, crab nothing.  Savannah didn't catch anything but she had been on point, letting us know where the crabs were lurking.

     One final score.  Me nothing, Chesapeake 1.  While getting up after netting my crab, I lost my balance and fell into the water.  This particular water was dirty and briny and did not taste very good.  On the way down I somehow smashed both legs, while in the water I somehow lost my glasses, on the way up I bumped my head on something.  I could swear I heard everyone cheer because of the natural grace and efficiency I showed.

     So we headed home.  The car now has a slight briny odor.  I hopped in a shower (did I mention the water was dirty?) and discovered that a shower, some wounds, and a coating of brine do not add up to a pleasant experience.  (There is a reason for the phrase, "rubbing salt on a wound.")  I've got one good-sized gash on my right leg, a smaller one on my left and some big, honkin' goose eggs on each leg.  I have not been able to find my old set of glasses; I think I donated them some time ago.  Bless my wife for her poor vision:  she had a pair of 4X drugstore glasses that she uses for sewing that I am using now; otherwise I wouldn't be able see the computer, much less the keyboard.

    The crabs are in separate containers so the kids can show them to their parents and then release them.  I'm just about finished typing and I going to elevate my legs.

     It was a fun day.

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