Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Since the previous post featured my favorite folk group of the 60s, I thought I'd present my almost favorites.

     Here's The Limelighters, with Glenn Yarborough singing The Far Side of the Hill:

     And a clip with the trio doing Wabash Cannonball, Whistle and Make the Wind Blow, and Lonesome Traveler:

     And Those Were the Days:

     The Kingston Trio does Seasons in the Sun:

    They didn't have to worried to sing a worried son:

     This clip is of the last performance Nick, Bob, and John peformed together.  Here they do MTA.  Sadly their voices have faded, but their enthusiasm has not.  Following this is another clip from that performance of them doing Where Have All the Flowers Gone; unfortunately, this clip cuts off in the middle of the song.

      Back to younger and headier days, here's the trio with Mary Travers, doing Where Have All the Flowers Gone?:

      Which is a great segue to the other super-folk group of the 60s -- Peter, Paul and Mary.  Here they do Early Morning Rain:

      Day Is Done with a little help from their friends The Smothers Brothers, Donovan, and Jennifer Warnes:

     And one of the anthems for our time, The Wedding Song, which Noel Paul Stookey wrote for Peter Yarrow's wedding.  What a special gift!

     My memories of the 60s are mixed:  a time of horror and a time of hope.  Then, as now, The Times, They Are A-Changin':

     Lou Gottlieb is gone, Glenn Yarborough has a solo career and sometimes performs with his daughter Holly, and The Limelighters kept on with many member changes.  They still perform, and Alex Hassilov has rejoined the group.

     All of the original members of The Kingston Trio are also gone, but the group (with variopus members over the years) is still performing their original catalog, and doing it well.

    Mary Travers has also left us, so Peter, Paul and Mary are no more.  Noel Stookey and Peter Yarrow are still performing, sometimes together.  When they appear together, Noel often tries to get Peter to break out in laughter -- it's a joyous thing to watch.  Peter's daughter Bethany is now performing.

    The circle continues and we are left with our memories of the past and our dreams of the future.  These brilliant musicians will forever remain a part of both.

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  1. Great stuff! One original member of the KT is still with us. Bob Shane still performs a song or two every year at the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale.