Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 15, 2011


I tried to be really good this week, honest.  Then my wife asked me to pull into a Habitat for Humanity ReStore to look for a table.  She couldn't find the right table, but they had...books!
  • Brian Aldiss, editor, Galactic Empires, Volume Two.  SF collection of twelve stories.
  • Alex Austin, The Guardians #4:  Night of the Phoenix and #9:  Vengeance Day.  Post-Apocalyptic men's adventure novels.
  • David Baldacci, Split Second.  Thriller.
  • B. W. Battin, The Creep.  Psycho killer novel.
  • Max Brand, The False Rider.  Western.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  [See Felicia Hemans.]
  • Algis Budrys, Hard Landing.  SF.
  • Jerome Charyn, The Education of Patrick Silver.  Crime novel, final book in the trilogy beginning with Marilyn the Wild and Blue Eyes.
  • C. Terry Cline, Jr., Damon.  Horror.
  • "Kit Craig" (Kit Reed), Gone.  Thriller.
  • Peter David, Babylon 5:  In the Beginning.  TV tie-in, base on the screenplay by J. Michael Straczynski.
  • Gardner Dozois, editor, The Year's Best Science Fiction:  Tenth Annual Collection.  SF anthology, with 24 stories from 1992.
  • Stanley Ellin, Kindly Dig Your Grave and Other Wicked Stories.  Mystery collection of eleven stories, edited by Ellery Queen.  Number six in the digest-sized single author collections put out by Davis Publications in conjunction with Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.
  • Linda Fairstein, Cold Hit.  Thriller. 
  • Ken Grimwood, Breakthrough.  Horror.
  • Felicia Hemans, Songs of the Affections.  Poetry.  This is a leather bound book published in 1878 by Burlock & Co. (Philadelphia).  The cover gives the title in an elaborate design of birds, flowers, and other plants, with the author's name given as Mrs. Hemans.  The spine, however, only says "Hemans and Browning".   On inspection, it turns out that the last half of the book is Browning's Songs of the Intellect and the Affections, separately paged.  Spine is loose and the front cover worn, but both parts of the book are "elegantly illustrated".  For a quarter, how could I pass this one up?
  • Will Henry, One More River to Cross.  Western.
  • Lois Horowitz, She-Devil. Horror.
  • Robert J. Horton, Riders of Paradise.  Western.
  • William J. Johnstone, The Devil's Touch.  Horror.
  • Jesse Kellerman, Sunstroke.  Thriller.
  • Janet Kidde, The Prophetess.  Horror.  Copyrighted by George Wolk.
  • Chester Krone, Blood Wrath.  Horror.
  • Louis L'Amour, Where the Long Grass Blows.  Western.
  • William A. Lucky, The English Horses.  Western.
  • George MacBeth, Cadbury & The Born Losers.  Sexy spy novel, the third in the series; also published as The Born Losers.
  • Harold MacGrath, The Private Wire to Washington, The Inside Story of the Great Long Island Spy Mystery that Baffled the Secret Service.  1919 romantic spy-guy thriller by an early mystery writer.
  • George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones.  Epic Fantasy, Volume 1 in the massive tree-killing series.
  • George McBeth, Cadbury & The Born Losers.  Sexy spy novel, third in the series, also published as The Born Losers.
  • Andy McDermott, The Covenant of Genesis and The Tombs of Hercules.  Two thrillers about archeologist Nina Wilde and bodyguard Eddie Chase.
  • Brian McNaughton, Satan's Mistress.  Horror.
  • Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie, Ciara's Song.  SF/fantasy.  A Witch World novel.
  • T. Jefferson Parker, Summer of Fear.  Thriller.
  • Bruce Pascoe & Lyn Harwood, editors, Australian Short Stores, No. 22 (1988).  Quarterly magazine from Down Under, Mate.
  • David Peters, Psi-Man:  Mind-Force Warrior.  SF, first in a series.
  • [Don Pendleton's ghostwriters], Don Pendletons's The Executioner #167:  Double Action (ghosted by Ron Renauld), #198:  Shoot Down (ghosted by Michael Kasner), #306:  Mercy Mission (ghosted by Tim Somheil), #361:  Final Resort (ghosted by Michael Newton), Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan, The Executioner #85:  Sunscream (ghosted by Peter Leslie), #113:  Vietnam Fallout (ghosted by Charlie McDade), #120:  Border Sweep (ghosted by Charlie McDade), Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan:  Blood Strike (unnumbered, ghosted by Mike Newton), Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan:  Stony Man #26:  Flashback (ghosted by Michael Linaker), Don Pendleton's Stony Man #66:  Axis of Conflict (ghosted by Dan Schmidt), #68:  Outbreak (ghosted by Michael Kasner), and #104:  Extinction Crisis (ghosted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz).  Men's adventure.  Never-ending. 
  • Tom Savage, Valentine.  Thriller.
  • John Shirley, In Darkness Waiting.  Horror.  [Sorry, but I gotta:  "And don't call me Shirley!"]
  • Eleanor Sullivan, editor, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, December 1975, July 1976, August 1977, and September 1979 issues.
  • Paula Trachtman, Disturb Not the Dream.  Horror.
  • Gore Vidal, Kalki.  SF thriller.
  • R. R. Walters, Ludlow's Mill.  Horror.
  • Edward Whittemore, Sinai Tapestry.  Fiction with touches of strangeness.
  • Mona Williams, The Messenger.  Horror.

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