Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 18, 2011


I have three very beautiful granddaughters.  I'm not bragging, mind you, just stating the facts.  Since I have only three granddaughters, common logic should tell you that I have no ugly ones.  Nope, just the three, each more beautiful inside and out than the others.  (OK, so maybe I'm bragging just a little.)

     And on this momentous day, one of them, Amy (Amanda Frances when her mother gets mad) enters her teenage years.  Amy (alternatively known as Blondie Girl, Swim Chick, Smarty-Pants, Ames, and Amy Daisy) has circled the sun thirteen times and I think the sun (and we) are the better for it.  How can one pint-sized girl, seemingly made of styrofoam, bring so much joy and happiness?   I guess it just comes naturally to her.

     Here's wishing her an awesome, fantastic, glorious thirteenth year!  May her eyes be filled with wonder and her ears hear and appreciate the songs that the universe wishes to sing for her.  May her heart be filled with love coming to her and exiting from her, spinning madly through the revolving door of her generosity and kindness.  May her breath take in the green scents of spring, the glittering scents of summer, the rainbow scents of autumn, and the white scents of winter, gratefully blessing each for their unique beauty.  May her brain delve into extraordinary challenges and puzzles and experiences and come out much wiser.  May her soul shine brighter, if that be possible, than ever before.

     May she rock.  May she roll.

     Happy birthday, amy.  I love you.

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