Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Very Best Eight-Year Old Girl In The World has abdicated and has taken up the new title of The Very Best Nine-Year Old Girl In The World.  (We'll let the eight-year olds fight among themselves to see who should claim the old title.)

TVBN-YOGITW may also be thinking of apologizing to her grandmother for not being born on 02-02-02.

Also, please note that today is Chinese New Year, The Year of the Rabbit.  Hmm.  Didn't they know that her very favorite animal de jour is the clouded leopard?

Let the fun-filled year begin!

Happy birthday, sweet Erin.  We'll see you and your folks at Ledo's tonight to celebrate!

UPDATE:   I have been informed by Her Highness that the clouded leopard is now her SECOND FAVORITE animal.    The top spot now belongs to the pudu deer.  (This after her mother hand-decorated twenty-four clouded leopard cupcakes for my wife and me to bring into her class today; I may have to spend the next half-hour licking the frosting off two dozen cupcakes.)

FURTHER UPDATE:  What in hell is a pudu deer?

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