Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, February 27, 2011


A while ago, Patti Abbott posted her latest Flash Fiction Challenge:

          "On Saturday night, we passed a young woman on the street who was talking to her male
          companion and said, "I really don't mind the scars."  A good start-up line for a little challenge perhaps.

          "So how about a 800 or so word storythat contains that lkine in it with an end date of February 28?"

All well and good, I thought; if i have some time, I'll do it.  Then came the crud and I wasn't about to do anything.  This Friday seemed like a good time to do something.  The wind was blowing so hard, we were not about to go anywhere.  So, just as I was about to sit down at the computer, the bride said, we have company coming for the weekend so you have to paint the bathroom.  Who can argue with logic like that?

     So Saturday came and so did the company, although no one oohed and aahed over the newly painted bathroom.  But we ate and talked and ate and talked, and another day went by.

     Come today, everybody headed over to my daughter's house to work on their Quilt of Valor (something I blogged about previously).  We also had to celebrate Wynter's 16th birthday and Dawn's passing some test so she could add more intials behind her name.  (Wynter is the daughter of a good friend; Dawn is my neice who can do anything, and does.)  So we ate and celebrated and those who could quilted.   Home-made beef stew, two types of chili, red velvet cookies with butter creme icing, and an Oreo cookie ice cream cake.  Good times.

     I brought along my notebook so I could maybe write a flash fiction while people were quilting.  I ended up writing three stories, which I will post.  These are all hasty, spur-of-the-moment stories, begun with no idea how they would end.  That's not an apology, just a take-'em-as-they-are notification.

     I hope she will forgive me, but I wrote Patti and her husband into the first.  The second follows the "scarry night" theme the closest.  The third, because of a snaky comment I made when Patti blogged about romanian wirches, led her to suggest I include them in my flash fiction.

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