Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 14, 2011


When I first met her, I was startled by her beauty.  I still am.

When I first met her, her laughter raised me up.  It still does

When I first met her, her smile lit up my soul.  It still does.

Her warmth.  Her grace.  Her kindness.  Her intellligence.  Her empathy.  Her joy.  I never thought anyone so wonderful would go for someone like me, but that's another of her qualities:  surprise.  After forty-one years of marriage, I'm still looking toward the next day with anticipation.  She has blessed us with two strong and independent daughters, who, in turn, have blessed the world with four magnificent children.  Through ups and downs she has stood by my side, always making me a better person.  To say I am a happy man -- a lucky man -- would be an understatement.  That's why Kitty is my valentine now and forever.

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