Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 14, 2011


The following followed me home last week.  Can I keep them?

  • Kage Baker - In the Garden of Iden.  Science Fiction.  The first Company novel.
  • John Barnes - A Million Open Doors.  Science Fiction.  Nebula nominee and Science Fiction Chronicle's Best SF Novel of the Year.
  • George C. Chesbro - Shadow of a Broken Man. Mystery.  The first Mongo mystery.
  • Glen Cook - Passage at Arms.  Science Fiction.
  • John Creasey - So Young to Burn.  Mystery.  A Roger West Mystery.  The West books, imho, are second only to the Gideon books that Creasey wrote as "J. J. Marric."
  • Suzanne Haden Elgin - Twelve Fair Kingdoms.  Fantasy.  Book One of the Ozark Fantasy Trilogy.
  • Alan Dean Foster - The I Inside.  Science Fiction
  • M. John Harrison - Viriconium Nights.  Fantasy collection
  • Joe Hill - Heart-Shaped Box.  Horror.  The apple doesn't fall far...
  • Morag Joss - Fruitful Bodies.  Mystery.  A Sarah Selkirk mystery.
  • Brian Lumley - The Last Aerie.  Horror.  The doorstop second in the Vampire World series; part of the overall Necroscope universe.
  • Kevin Randle & Robert Cornett - Remember the Alamo!  Science fiction.
  • William Relling, Jr. - The Criminalist.  Mystery.  A writer who was taken from us much too early.
  • David Niall Wilson - Star Trek:  Voyager:  Chrysalis.  Science fiction.  #12 in the Voyager series.
  • Terri Windling, editor - Life on the Border.  Fantasy anthology.  Tales of Bordertown.

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