Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, April 28, 2023


 This is the original Blue Beetle, who first appeared in Mystery Men Comics #1 (August 1939), and went on to be featured in his own comic book for 59 issues.  (The Blue Beetle comic book was numbered #1-60, but there was no issue #43.)  As with many Golden Age comic book heroes, the Blue Beetle's path to taday has been rocky as comic book publishers die out and characters get bought and re-imagined and re-re-imagined.  Over the years, the Blue Beetle was portrayed as three different characters :  Dan Garret (later Dan Garrett), Ted Cord, and Jaime Reyes -- it's the first character, Dan Garret, who concerns us here.  Artist Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski (as "Charles Nicholas") has been credited with creating the super-hero, although Will Eisner may or may not have written the original script.

Dan Garret is a rookie police officer while also being the Blue Beetle, a man believed to be a crook and wanted by the police.  As the Blue Beetle, Dan starts out wearing a blue suit jacket and mask; later, he switches to a full-body cowled costume, yellow gauntlets, and a domino mask.  His cosume is bullet-proof and he gains super-energy through "Vitamin 2X," which is concoted for him by neighborhood pharmacist Abe Franz.  The Blue Beetle dirve a special powered car that leaves the police in the dust.  He starts by rescuing a banker's kidnapped daughter after her father had been murdered, and by exposing the leader of the gang of kidnappers.

This 282-page compilation includes storiues from Mystery Men #1-15 and Blue Beetle  #1-1.


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